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Evolution of cryptography. Symmetric and asymmetric encryption

autorzy: Karolina Susol

The study analyzes the most famous cryptographic algorithms and the mathematics in their base. Today information is growing by leaps and bounds. Galleries, shops are being opened online. Millions of messages are being sent worldwide right now! And how can we protect our privacy? Here comes my protagonist - cryptography. Although there have been invented plenty of ways to encrypt data, every single algorithm has weaknesses. And you can protect your data only by finding or creating an appropriate cryptosystem for the case. So, it is crucial to know how cryptography works underneath the code. The first part of my project tells you about ancient algorithms and symmetric encryption. The second one introduces the reader to asymmetric encryption, and the third one is about hashing. I put my tricks to make a hash even more entangled in the fourth chapter. Also, I have checked if these tricks are deterministic and one-way. I would want them to be a stage of some hash-function. By the way, my algorithms can be useful in one-time pad encryption. If Alice and Bob meet and exchange their random sequences, there's a high probability for these sequences to get stolen. But if they know one of my tricks and keep it secret, they can be sure about the safe conversation. Moreover, we investigated seven famous algorithms and the attacks that are used against them. During the research, we explored the number theory behind both and classified the algorithms. So, it is convenient for the reader to make conclusions depending on his problem




Nagroda specjalna EUROINVENT 2021 Special Prize, Rumunia


Srebrny Medal

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