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The automatic ergonomic cool-preserving tourniquet

autorzy: Niloofar Jabbari

Tourniquets are often used to stop artery bleeding and severe tissue destruction in accidents. They are used as the final method to stop bleeding, due to reduction or stop in blood circulation in the injured organ which causes cyanosis and coagulative necrosis and finally leads to the organ paralysis or failure or provokes the Embolism or Edema. Regarding this, activities like cooling the organ, during the time of decrease in circulation in the injured organ, causes reduction in metabolism demand and avoids dangers like cyanosis, coagulative necrosis and organ failure. The automatic ergonomic cool-preserving tourniquet is a device used to stop bleeding by its organ cooling character to avoid tissues and nerves damages, in addition, to stop bleeding by reducing the temperature of the injured organ, it minimizes dangers caused by Ischemia and Anoxia. As long as the bleeding control is very essential in the first minutes, this device contains a belt which is automatically fastened around the injured area without any paramedics’ help and in the shortest time, it will result in an intended pressure on the main arteries and then the cooling system will be activated to avoid tissue destruction while the GPS will be turned on and the warning will be simultaneously sent to the S.O.S center.


Zdrowie / Medycyna / Fitness


Special award of Toronto International Society of Innovation & Advanced Skills TISIAS, Canada


Złoty Medal

Ochrona własności intelektualnej

Wzór użytkowy - zgłoszony

poziom gotowości technologicznej

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