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The use of nanotechnology in hemodialysis

autorzy: Manar gamal rabei

It is that the dialysis process takes 6 hours throughout the week and increases according to the patient’s condition. The patient with high blood pressure and diabetes is different from the virus patient differs from the normal patient, as some scientists have proven that when the patient is dialysis the first time, the percentage of toxins increases in the second time, and therefore does not cause the time The first is any benefit, as the patient continues to wash three times a week in order to purify the toxins in his body in a very small percentage, so the patient only benefits from effort, exhaustion, fatigue and suffering.  I will reduce the speed of blood purification inside the filter by increasing the surface area of ​​the filter to be greater than 2.2, by reducing the hours of dialysis by replacing the capillaries inside the dialysis filter with nanofiber or nanotextile capillaries in the kidneys, and this will make a filter compared to the nephron In normal kidneys, as the function of the nephron is Bowman’s wallet, it works as a filter to filter the blood. The nephron in healthy human kidneys purifies the blood from toxins at an effective rate. Accordingly, I made a purifying filter so that the filter, with the help of nano-capillaries, performs the functions of the nephron in the kidneys, where work To increase the surface area of ​​the filter, extract a greater percentage of toxins and reduce the number of hours of dialysis. Also, ammonium silicate material will be used as an alternative to diesel, which is practically proven to extract urea, creatinine and some salts by applying the theory of different charges attracting and similar charges repel each other to work on extracting urea and keratin with higher efficiency and care To work on extracting it 100%, thus reducing the hours of dialysis to be an hour every 15 days instead of 12 hours throughout the week. The general idea is a filter to purify the blood for patients with kidney failure that reduces the hours of dialysis to be an hour every 15 days instead of 12 hours a week, which is the highest efficiency by 98% and the lowest price by 50%

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