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An automated instrument and technique to measure Specific Surface Area(SSA) of powder materials

autorzy: D.N.P. Ruwan Jayakantha; Nanda Gunawardhana; H.M.Nawarathna Bandara; Elisabetta Comini; Nadeesha M. Gunawardana; S.M.M.L. Karunarathne.

An instrument and a technique to measure the Specific Surface Area (SSA) of powder materials, based on the well-known BET isotherm method. The novel algorithm and the use of modern sensors make the invention more accurate, reliable, and cost-effective compared to the existing products. The specific Surface Area (SSA) of a powder material is an important property that is often mutually related to rates of dissolution and other related phenomena such as catalyst activity, electrostatic properties of powders, light scattering, opacity, sintering properties, glazing, moisture retention, shelf life etc., which can influence the processing methods and behavior of powder and porous solid materials. Therefore, determination of the SSA of powder samples has become an important topic of discussion and various methods are followed to measure the SSA of powder materials. The automated instrument and method to measure Specific Surface Area (SSA) of powder material introduced by us has been developed based on the conventional BET Isotherm Method. However due to the improvements made to the instrument and the algorithm developed for the calculation of SSA of a powder material, this instrument and the method of calculation can be differentiated from the conventional BET Isotherm Method. By introducing to be used the SSA value of SSA known powder material in the formula of SSA calculation of SSA unidentified powder material, the method of calculation has been made more simplified. By introducing two sensors, the operation of the instrument has been made more simple, accurate and fast. The cost of the instrument has been reduced by operating the instrument at a fixed partial pressure. By introducing Piezoelectric sensors the durability of the instrument has been increased, the cost has been reduced and the detection of gas flow rates has become more accurate due to better sensitivity. The error of the instrument was found to be less than 0.1%.


Środowisko / Chemia / Biotechnologia / Nanotechnologia


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