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Design and manufacture of robotic complex for pet care

autorzy: Danylo Golosny, Yevhen Nebylytsia

The ROBOTIC COMPLEX project is under development. A working prototype of the device was created on the basis of the LEGO MSNDSHTORVS EV3 constructor and with the use of improvised materials. The complex includes a cleaner and a feeder. The cleaner works through an infrared sensor, with which it monitors the visit and the presence of the animal inside. With the help of electric motors cleaning is carried out. The feeder dispenses food by means of the engine. The color sensor and the ultrasonic sensor check for food in the plate and inside the feeder. In future prototypes it is planned to add a program for a smartphone with the help of which it will be possible to control this complex and monitor the condition of the tray and feeder from anywhere in the world.


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