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Cylindrical Tool for thin sample grinding and polishing

autorzy: Dragana Janković

In order to prepare a sensitive thin sample surface of cementitions materials for the observation of microcracking under the electron microscope (ESEM), a cylindrical three-part tool made of stainless steel, is constructed. The tool enables sample grinding and polishing to the desired thickness of 1 mm and below, thanks to: a) Rotational circled plate with a handle, placed in the cylinder center; b) Scale, placed at the opposite end of the sample location; c) Safe sample holding in the opening in the inner cylinder. Thanks to this sample surface preparation, the created digital images in ESEM are extremely clear and sharp, which enables qualitative Digital Image Analysis. The cylindrical tool is multipurpose, easy to handle and maintain.

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EUROINVENT 2021 Special Prize, Rumunia


Złoty Medal

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