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Nevertroke: Development and Descriptive Qualitative Study of An Integrated Application for Stroke-caused Disability with Waterfall SDLC Method

autorzy: Prajna Wijaya

A specialized integrated application for patients with stroke-caused disabilities and their families as a prevention for further complications of stroke and also elevate social connection, developed under the patronage of a medical rehabilitation clinic. Stroke is the sudden death of some brain cells due to lack of oxygen when the blood flow to the brain is lost by blockage or rupture of an artery to the brain. It has a huge public health burden, so the stroke is high on the agenda of research in the 21st century. Moreover, stroke is associated to be one of the highest cause of severe-long term disability and cause several complications like depression and dementia. There is a potency to apply an integrated application to help patients and families with a stroke-caused disability which is developed with the waterfall SDLC method. This research is started with requirement gathering and analysis, system development, system implementation and coding, testing, deployment, and SWOT analysis. Nevertroke is created with 5 main features which are hospital information & contact, drugstore information & contact, chatbot screen, stroke care information screen, and social media for patients with stroke also their families. Moreover, nevertroke has tested to be a useful, interesting, and effective apps for patients with stroke. Due to the efficiency of the app, now stroke patients and their family have the ability to find what they need and could even relate and unite with others on the social media platform. Furthermore, Nevertroke is able to spread informations related to stroke in an effort to eliminate misinformation and misunderstanding in stroke care. Thus, Nevertroke is one of the pioneers to introduce this feature Since Nevertroke is one of the pioneers for stroke care application, there is no clear solution comparison with the current state of technology. Yet the current state of technology still relies on verbal education by medical practitioners. Furthermore, to achieve the features provided by Nevertroke, there is a need for several applications to run at a time. Nevertroke is one of the pioneers of an integrated app that efficiently assist stroke patients and their family by providing knowledge the information needed to prevent further complications of stroke. In addition, Nevertroke also provides a social media platform to elevate connection.


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