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Flow n Me

autorzy: Amanda Nicole, Clarisa Cakrajaya, Felita Salome, James Raymond, Prasetya Asmara

Flow n Me, a period starter kit for all the girls around the world. We aim for this to help and support females especially teenagers who are going through puberty or just started to go through it, in hopes that this kit can help them feel more secure and comfortable going through all the changes. What will be included in the kit: a) Reusable pads : We chose to use reusable pads in this kit, as it is more environmental friendly and also safer to use as it doesn’t include any chemicals. b) Pouch : A pouch will be included for keeping the pads so you can bring them anywhere. c) Hot Water Bottle / Warmer : A hot water bottle or a warmer can help to reduce the cramps or pain during period. d) A Guide Book : A book which acts as a guide through puberty which includes education, information, motivation, tips and tricks. Our kit includes a book, for now titled as “Flow through Puberty", where we include all the things one needs to know when entering her puberty stages. It includes thingsto do with growth, mental health, period, and stories or experiences that can be life lessons. This book can act like a big sister to the young girls. We hope for young girls to be more educated and aware with puberty as not many girls around the world are able to learn about it, or in some cases period is deemed as taboo, which leads the girls to fear or even hate getting their period. Hopefully with Flow n Me, people’s views against period can change as we educate and support the girls going through it.


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