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The versatile spider robot with the ability to fly and transforming to a four-wheel vehicle equipped with delta CNC system, 3D printer and solar energy panel

autorzy: Ehsan Marzban Shirkharkolaei, Mehran Ghasempour-Mouziraji, Mirshaban Jafari, Morteza Hosseinzadeh

This robot uses three different job mechanism, moving with four legs like a spider, with four wheels like a car and with four propellers like a quadcopter that has the ability to access to any impassable areas or difficult to reach locations. In addition, the robot has a 3D FDM printer and due to having the ability to move and fly, printing and re-printing process can be done in any location. The robot takes the full advantage of a Delta CNC that uses milling, drilling, laser, sensors and sampling. So, by having this ability, this robot can be used in any locations. For example, sampling soil or tree and testing can help determine and being aware of their condition and properties. Or use a sprayer to control pests in a given area. In front of this robot, there is a camera with a 2 free degree stand that makes possible the operating of this from long distance. Moreover, aerial photography and image processing can provide a great deal of information about natural resources, forests, and wildlife. And it can also be used to detect pests by photographing trees and leaves. Another application of this robot is relief on distant or impassable locations. And it can be used in post-disaster crises such as earthquakes. We also used solar panels to improve efficiency and charge the batteries. Finally, in the future, we want to develop this project for underwater applications. Abilities: 1. Ability to move with four legs and cross rough surfaces. 2. Ability to transform into a four-wheel drive and faster move on flat surfaces and in any direction. 3. Ability to fly and access into areas that are inaccessible or difficult to reach by the land way. 4. Portable 3D printer and print pieces at the intended location. 5. Equipped with Delta CNC system and ability to install various tools such as milling, drilling, sliding, spraying, sampling tools and so on. 6. A foldable printer that reduces the size of the robot. 7. Equipped with a two free degree camera that allows the camera to rotate in different directions. 8. Equipped with material testing sensors at the place. 9. Equipped with solar cell panels and the ability to charge the battery by sustainable energy. 10. Equipped with a GPS positioning system. 11. Equipped with ultrasonic distance sensors. 12. Remote control capability. 13. Receive online video and data transfer 14. Accelerate relief and service delivery 15. Utilize solar panels to charge the batteries Awards: Gold medal in the BIXPO, south Korea 2019, Gold medal in the Archimedes, Russia, 2021 Gold medal in the Euroinvent, Romania, 2021 Special award of Innopa, 2021 Special award of Tummiad, 2021




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