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Total constricted elbow prosthesis made of shape-memory alloy with hinge-like fixation and coupling system based on shape-memory effect

autorzy: Batalu Nicolae Dan, Semenescu Augustin, Costoiu Mihnea Cosmin, Sinescu Ioanel,Antoniac Vasile Iulian, Doicin Cristian Vasile, Codorean Ion Bogdan, Mates Ileana Mariana, Barbu Catalin Alexandru, Badica Petre, Gavriliu Traian Stefan

The elbow prosthesis includes an ulnar component made of CoCr, TiAlV, TiNi alloys or other equivalent alloys, which is fixed in the medullary channel of the ulna, and the humeral component, which is fixed on the humeral bone. The design of the humeral component has eyelets which remain in the closed position, being wound on the rotation axle of the ulnar component at a temperature slightly below the one of the human body, i.e. 30...33°C, and being unwound into open position at low temperatures of 1...2°C, for revision.

Zdrowie / Medycyna / Fitness


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