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Vertical (electro)magnetic separator of isomagnetic nanoparticles

autorzy: Denisa Ficai, Ioana Lavinia Ardelean, Cornalia Ioana Ilie, Manuela Calin, Elena- Valeria Fuior, Adrian Fifere, Mariana Pinteala, Gheorghe Constantin Fundeanu, Anton Ficai, Maya Simionescu, Ecaterina Andronescu

The current invention is based on a simple prototype that allows the separation of magnetic particles from non- magnetic ones and respectively the sorting of particles according to specific magnetic properties. From a constructive point of view, the vertical magnetic separator presumes the existence of a dosing system of the magnetic fluid to be purified or sorted, an (electro) magnetic field generator, meaning an (electro) magnet or a system of cylindrical or cylindrical arranged magnets which is/are traversed by the magnetic fluid through a tube. To adjust the flow rate, the feed diameter and the separation diameter can be adjusted accordingly to increase or decrease the separation capacity at the elementary separator level and by proper insertion, the homogeneity of particles/sorts of nanoparticles can be adjusted. The vertical position of the separator is recommended because in the antigravitational flow regime a stationary time in the magnetic field is allowed and implicitly the possibility for these nanoparticles to be attracted to the (electro) magnet while in the case of gravitational flow (free fall), the time stationary will be smaller leading to the attraction to the magnet only of certain nanoparticles with certain properties. In upward flow, using a high D: d ratio, during the passage of the magnetic fluid in the (electro) magnetic field, the flow will be laminar, allowing a better degree of separation / elementary magnetic separator in terms of the fraction of nanoparticles attracted to a magnet (both finer and coarser nanoparticles are attracted).

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