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Composition for restoring paper from documents affected by microorganisms

autorzy: OPREA Ovidiu Cristian; FICAI Anton; FICAI Denisa; MOTELICA Ludmila; TRUŞCA Roxana Doina; ANDRONESCU Ecaterina

The gel with cellulose derivatives, with silver nanoparticles, by rapid drying, forms a cellulose film that will repair the damaged areas (ruptures, holes with missing material, etc.). The gel can also be inserted under the letters that came off the initial support following the degradation of the cellulosic material. By rapid drying it will act as a real glue, but having the same composition, based on cellulose. Because the composition contains silver nanoparticles, the cellulose film remaining after drying has antimicrobial activity and no longer allows the development of microorganisms on the treated area.

Środowisko / Chemia / Biotechnologia / Nanotechnologia


Nagroda specjalna International Federation of Inventors' Associations IFIA


Złoty Medal

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