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Antibacterial and Herbal Extracts for Pressure Ulcers Patients

autorzy: Rojan Amrbar, Nona Khatami Zenuzian, Marziyeh Azadfalah, Zeinab Vafadari Mehrizi

The skin is a large barrier organ that protects the human body from environmental hazards (heat, cold, chemicals, mechanical forces, etc.) Patients specially in the intensive care unit (ICU) are at risk for dying not only from their critical illness but also from secondary processes such as nosocomial infection. “Bedsores” owe their name to the observation that patients who were bedridden and not properly repositioned would often develop ulcerations or sores on their skin, typically over bony prominences. These bed sores, which result from prolonged pressure, are also called “decubitus ulcers,” “pressure sores,” “skin breakdown,” and “pressure ulcers.” They are associated with adverse health outcomes and high treatment costs. This patent focuses on developing bed to prevent bed sores. This study is developing plants to prevent bed sores. For this purpose, a functional finish was used to produce the substrate-preventing fabric. Plain cotton cloth is dyed, dried and then treated with plant extracts. It was prepared from two plant extracts (Aloevera and Lavender angustifolia) with chitosan as binder. Air permeability, wicking ability, droplet adsorption test and antibacterial properties were examined for the samples. Based on the results, the fabric dyed with dried extract of Aloevera and Lavender angustifolia in a ratio of 2:2 combination for the final product.


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