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autorzy: Miss Keyoon Choklumlert

UNC YOUR TIME is contained curcumin from turmeric To reduce hyperglycemic & neuropathy and Anti-inflammatory Turmeric enriched Vitamin A, Vitamin B Vitamin C, Phosphorus, Iron, High Mineral and Protein by natural extraction from 1000 Kg to 1 kg turmeric First, remove heavy metals and the precipitates by dispersion technology for lipophilic (hydrophobic or water heating) are separated and crystallized to obtain turmeric. Backflow extraction to a certain proportion This method has the advantages Because of heavy metal separation and purification flow process is simple and short. Moreover the risk of secondary pollution caused by the additional addition of absorption agents (absorption media is avoided) Lowest heavy metal residue of curcumin from termeric extract. UNC Your Time can be purified to a degree Lowest lead content & Lowest cadmium content Lowest mercury content

Zdrowie / Medycyna / Fitness


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