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3D task status visualization when managing projects in Jira Cloud

autorzy: Maksym Denys, Anatolii Denys

The modern world is rapidly changing and becoming more and more complex. Such changes are reflected in various performance indicators of large and small-sized companies. Therefore, there is a significant difficulty in managing such organizations because it is complicated for managers to analyze all their data and make management decisions based on this compilation. Technology is increasingly accelerating the decision-making process, and the gap between stimulus and response is rapidly narrowing. Decisions need to be made faster and faster, in connection with which managers increasingly have to work in high stress and workload conditions. The future of management is to make the manager's work highly efficient and project teams to be productive and highly self-organized. The “3D Task Viewer” application made for the most popular cloud project management system Atlassian Jira Cloud allows to facilitate the work of managers, increase their efficiency, reduce workload and stress, as well as improve the self-organization of project teams in general.




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