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Moresil Gold: The Product Innovation Using Nutraceutical Delivery System on Improving Growth Performance of Broiler

autorzy: Dr.Kitti Supchukun Dr.Krit Angkanaporn Dr.Teerapong Yata Dr.Praima Issarasena na Ayuttaya

Nutraceutical Delivery System delivers water-soluble biological compounds and lipids that have the disease control ability and are able to improve broiler growth. It aims to replace antimicrobials and control Salmonella contamination in broiler products and satisfy customer’s needs. The process starts from selected nutraceuticals which consist of oregano essential oil, sweet basil essential oil, turmeric extracts, short chain fatty acids, butyric acid, and medium chain fatty acids from coconut and palm oil. While the selected drug delivery system is Nanostructured Lipid Carriers (NLC), it can delivery and preserve the nutraceuticals in form of liquid and solid state at the same time. Therefore, the nutraceutical selection process is crucial to develop antimicrobial replacement. The active ingredient components, efficiency, special features such as Bactericidal ability, anti-inflammation, balancing bacteria, and antioxidant have to be considered during the selection process. It is also recommended that the releasing effect between nutraceutical and antimicrobial drugs has to be similar to each other because it will be beneficial to the product development later on. This innovation can reduce minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC) to Salmonella species. The trial result in broiler shows decreasing number of contaminants in the digestive track. Therefore, the feed conversion ratio is lowered which lessen the production cost per kilogram. Overall, the developed innovative product is able to solve existing problem in the industry.

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