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Compositions and method for treating materials for the development of (medical) protective devices with antiviral and antimicrobial role

autorzy: Anton FICAI, Denisa FICAI, Ludmila MOTELICA, Ovidiu-Cristian OPREA, Ecaterina ANDRONESCU

The present invention provides the technology for modifying protective devices (masks, overalls, gowns, gloves, visors) by applying a polymeric layer loaded with Ag nanoparticles (of various shapes and sizes from spherical nanoparticles to triangular, truncated triangular, hexagonal, cubic, cylindrical, etc.), Cu, ZnO, etc. stabilized with suitable agents and loaded with antiviral / antimicrobial substances based on pure components such as eugenol, eugenyl acetate, ..., oils or extracts with low volatility to ensure long-lasting action. In the formulations to be applied on the protection devices, the nanoparticle content can reach 1-2%; antiviral / antimicrobial components also 1-2% while the polymer content varies in the range of 0.1-100% the difference being solvent.


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