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Secret Chats Protocol

autorzy: Kamil Kaczyński, Michał Glet

The idea of secret chats is very simple – enable users, by entering different passcodes, to see different data in the application. It can be e.g. different conversations, different contacts and other data that the user wants to keep secret in some circumstances. What is also important, the proposed Secret Chats Protocol allows the hiding of information in many dimensions – one user passcode gives access to only one dimension. Moreover, the protocol proposed hides the actual total number of dimensions used by a user, revealing only the boundary configured by the application developer. Securing information in the Secret Chats Protocol is based on common idea of using SQLCipher to keep SQLite database in an encrypted form. Because of this, Secret Chats Protocol can be quite easily and with low cost integrated within existing application. Moreover, the Secret Chats Protocol can be effectively used also in environments which use other databases and database encryption methods – the Secret Chats Protocol proposed shows how to retrieve the database encryption key and chat information encryption key.



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