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In Silico analysis on the effects of E-cigarettes on Lung carcinoma cancer

autorzy: Research Institute of Creative Education

Research on e-cigarette has many difficulties compared to traditional cigarettes due to its multi-component, multi-variety of flavoring according to the user's discretion. After researching, we found that it is possible to identify the influence of e-cigarettes on human health through docking technique. Lung carcinoma was selected for this study due to its direct exposure to cigarette smoke as well as the second highest mortality rate from cancer according to WHO in 2020. The results showed 80 active ingredients in TLD and 1942 crystallized structure of lung carcinoma-associated protein. Through docking, 21 active ingredients were associated with 12 proteins encoded by 9 genes related to lung carcinoma. These 21 active ingredients have toxicity as predicted by DataWarrior. With genetic analysis, the HLA-B genotype is of particular concern because of its association with lung carcinoma, Behçet's disease, and shingles.

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