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The Hearing Assistance Warning System in Home Life

autorzy: HUANG,YI-LIANG Wang,l- Yu Wan, Fang-Yu Li, Pei Yi

This product is a hearing aid device, which can target the common sound sources in home life (such as telephones, doorbells and fire alarms, etc.) It is safer for people with disabilities or hearing loss to live at home. This system includes a hardware-sound receiver and a software-mobile APP. The sound receiver is equipped with a microphone for receiving sound. After the sound enters, if the sound reaches 90 decibels, the system will transmit a signal through Bluetooth, and the mobile phone APP will use vibration and an icon corresponding to the sound source to warn the user. The IC chip set in the hardware can adjust the sound sensitivity. The host uses a USB power supply. There is an LED light on the upper end. After receiving the signal, it will flash 4 times immediately, so that users within visual distance can intuitively find the warning message. The mobile phone can be connected to 3 hardwares at the same time, and set different situations (such as doorbell, telephone, fire alarm and whistle kettle, etc.) to provide warning function according to the needs. During standby detection, the APP screen is a blue square. When the signal is transmitted to the handheld device via Bluetooth, it vibrates for 4 seconds and a red warning and exclamation mark appear. This product does not require transmission fees, and can use the original mobile phone, which is economical and fashionable and enhances the willingness to use. The product has a shared spirit of design, and will be able to create a new blue ocean of hearing degradation products in the future.

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