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Modular Multifunctional Tracked Vehicle

autorzy: Fa-Shian Chang Shu Xuan Chang SHANG-CHI SU GUAN-QUN LU SHANG-YOU XIE

The invention is a multifunctional robot with a modular assembly crawler mechanism, which can be quickly disassembled into small volumes, stored and assembled separately, so as to be suitable for various unexpected situations and applications. The vehicle is designed with a long crawler walking mechanism, which can easily cross-country and climb over long-distance obstacles, and is used in inclined and rough task environments. For functions such as item removal, rescue and fire fighting, wired and wireless, automatic and remote control coexist in the entire module communication. It can be applied to nuclear pollution and chemical areas for detection, measurement and elimination. The user can control the machine in the cold area through the warm area, and then go deep into the hot area to carry out various tasks, reduce the secondary injury and accidents caused by personnel entering, and effectively improve the efficiency of related investigation work, shorten the time for exploration and handling of dangerous situations , and then effectively and quickly deal with related problems to ensure the safety of people's livelihood and property! In addition, the present invention adopts a modular design, fully utilizes the advantages of one machine with multiple functions, reduces the construction cost and the complexity of subsequent repair and maintenance, and has a competitive advantage in the international market.



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