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Low & High Power Strip

autorzy: Chaerin kang

Abstract of Invention Description summary: Please refer to attached drawing and photo attachment 1. The shapes and sizes of the 1 to 4 outlets in the drawing are all different. The five to eight heights in the drawing are all different. A safety-saving safety switch is attached to the front as shown in No. 9 in the drawing. All the plugs of electronics and chargers that are on the market these days are all different shapes. Some computer plugs have a rectangle shape, some light chargers have a square shape. So, if we want to use more than four power strips that we already use, we usually can't use one or two outlets in the middle. Because the plugs are large or have various shapes, they bump into each other. Eventually, space is cramped and the entire outlet in the Power Strip is not being used. Please refer to attached photo 1. To alleviate this inconvenience, the Power Strip was created by the difference in height and height, and the entire outlet could be used. Also, it is designed as a power-saving type that can be easily switched off and on at a glance by attaching a power-saving switch to the front. We have experienced inconvenience in using only 3 out of 4 to 5 outlets. Then consumers are forced to plug in the octopus-like dangerous plug, which is very dangerous. Therefore, using Low & High Power Strip in the future will ensure safety while leveraging all outlets. Features (Technicality) : Low & High Power Strip features safety features such as being able to utilize all the outlets safely at different heights, and safety features such as being able to save power by placing the power-saving switch on the front rather than on the top. The Power Strip I designed would be convenient to use on the floor, but it would also be convenient to use on a desk, on a shelf, on a TV stand, etc. This is because the sleep switch is in the front. Application: If Low & High Power Strip is released in the future, I think there will be many types of Power Strip that can be plugged in. Also, depending on the location and purpose We believe that a variety of Power Strip types will be available. Different heights may seem simple, but they can be applied to many parts of real life. What if the sofa for three people is different in height? Adults and children will be able to sit comfortably on the floor at the same time. Also, if you step down one side of the table, children and juniors will be able to eat comfortably without having to pull their necks out or high chairs for infants.

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