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Washing injuries device

autorzy: Amin Shabanpour moghaddam Iman shabanpour moghaddam Mehdi jayervand Malihe mollaei Mahdi hatami dezdarani

Today, all around the world the wounds are washed by connecting Irrigator to Sodium Chloride-Irrigation by the hand pressure. There are some problems with this method. The flow rate and splash type according to the size of serum cannot be controlled. Moreover, the serum temperature cannot be controlled in city ambulances during cold seasons. Furthermore, there is difficulty with washing wounds of people with neck and spinal column trauma. The device is made of two powerful Peristaltic pumps which are capable of steady pumping fluid to the last drop. (Flow rate is controlled) According to the place and depth of wound and foreign particles the type of splash is changeable to three modes (Spray/Jet/Mild jet Serum temperature changes to the needed level by using a sensor, screen and heating elements. Nozzle head can be separated from the device and wash individually. Multi-mode light of the device is used for lighting wounds at night. Lithium batteries provide power bank in long operations. The unique design of the device leads to the user's convenience


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