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Development of improving drinking water quality method by freezing at household conditions

autorzy: Denys Krysanov, Olena Litovchenko

The water of centralized water supply of Poltava comply with quality standards for the main physico-chemical indicators, but does not comply with physiological needs of man for the content of Calcium- and Magnesium-ions. This issue is urgent around the globe, including Britain, USA and Russia. Agro-industrial and oil and gas complexes activities cause pollution of drinking water with toxic ions, which are deadly to the population. Therefore, we hypothesized the possibility of using freezing method to improve drinking water quality. The subject of research is the concentration of hydrogen carbonate ions, Calcium- and Magnesium-ions, and nitrate ions. We determined their content by titrimetric and photocolorimetric methods, respectively. At the first stage of research, we investigated the possibility of improving drinking water quality by its partially freezing and experimentally confirmed the proposed hypothesis. In the second stage, the dependence of the ionic composition of water on the freezing time have been investigated. The concentration of the explored ions in unfrozen part of water is directly proportional to the processing time. We developed a method of improving drinking water quality, based on the freezing method. As a result, ionic composition concentration varies in different parts of water (Increasing Calcium- and Magnesium-ions concentration in the unfrozen part of water and decreasing nitrate ions in the melted). We applied repeated treatment of the investigated samples of water, increased useful ions concentration several times and decreased the nitrate ions content from 200 mg/dm3 to the maximum allowable concentration. We have developed recommendations that should be used at household conditions to improve drinking water quality. The methodology is budgetary, publicly available and scientifically substantiated.


Środowisko / Chemia / Biotechnologia / Nanotechnologia


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