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Use of molecular markers for identifying phylogenetic dependencies of species of the genus IRIS L.

autorzy: Nikita Miroshnichenko

The basis of our project was the confirmation of the effectiveness of the integration of molecular and phylogenetic data into a single complex solution to various problems of classification and systematization of plant taxa. We selected 52 species of irises of various subtaxa as model organisms. For molecular phylogenetic analysis, the matK marker gene was used, and the validation morphological factor was cytomorphometry of the stomatal apparatus of irises. The results of the research fully justified the use of a unified synthesis of molecular and morphological data: the erroneousness of the existing classification systems of the Iris genus was completely demonstrated, identifying the most problematic points in the classification and showing previously unknown relationships between European and Mediterranean East Asian centers of origin. Based on the information obtained, we propose two innovative ways to apply this synthesis in practice. Due to phylogenetic mapping of populations of rare plant species, timely detection of genetic pollution is possible, which will make it possible to personalize control of breeding and nature conservation activities for specific species. The use of such mapping in the agroindustry will increase the efficiency of hybridization of the desired crops, making it possible to obtain the most successful hybrids with the required characteristics.


Środowisko / Chemia / Biotechnologia / Nanotechnologia


Special award of Toronto International Society of Innovation & Advanced Skills TISIAS, Canada


Złoty Medal

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