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Development and rescue ofa colonyofants of the species Formica rulibarbis

autorzy: Volodymyr Pavlenko

We developed a method of keeping forests ants under the laboratory conditions with future possibility to adapt them to the wildlife conditions. Experimentally it was found out: -not all species of ants genus Formica can be settled to the queen: it must be avoid settling workers of the species Formica sanguinea unless you settle them to the queen of the same species. In contrast, the best species for settling is Formica rufibarbis. They are able to get along with any queen of Formica ants - the Formica-ants are omnivorous, our colony prefer hunting Blattella germanica and larvae of the beetles. To sum up, we saved the queen of ants of the species Formica rufibarbis and helped it to develop a colony for more than 150 individuals. At the moment, the work is still ongoing, and this spring the family is planned to be returned to natural conditions, where it will continue its development. Comparison of settling methods Flooding Advantages: -can be used with almost all ant’s species -does not require lots of efforts Flooding Disadvantages: -higher risk of death due to the differences in required time for different ants Freezing Advantages: -allows to plant a lot of workers ants at the same time Freezing Disadvantages: -can be used only to frost-resistant ants species.


Środowisko / Chemia / Biotechnologia / Nanotechnologia


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