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Development of an encryption system in cloud data storage

autorzy: Yaroslav Popovych

The purpose of the study is to increase the efficiency of encryption of large messages in cloud data storage. The subject of research - data encryption algorithms. Research methods are studying the experience of specialists, analysis and comparison. This work describes symmetrical algorithm for encrypting large amounts of data on equipment of any capacity. The developed algorithm was written in the C ++ programming language, and a library was created for it, with the help of which it is possible to encrypt and decrypt messages. To write the cipher, the representatives of block, table ciphers and cipher that cannot be decrypted were compared and analyzed. The developed cipher combines the ideas of block and table ciphers. This study can be used in the development of programs on equipment of any capacity, which operate on large amounts of data. An example of the use of written cipher is a developed console chat and a web application which encrypts and decrypts data on Google Drive.




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