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Application of autonomus probes to solve the space debris problem

autorzy: Anastasiia Stavytska

Quantity of space debris at low Earth orbit is growing steadily. Soon some orbits will become impossible to use. A small angular size and high speed of debris is very dangerous for ISS, communication satellites, telescopes Hubble, Astrosat, WISE and other objects at the low Earth orbit. Thus, it is very hard to see small pieces of debris and control them. That is why a new way of cleaning orbits from small space debris, which causes the biggest danger, was developed. That method should help to minimize a possibility of collision of spacecrafts with debris particles and to make the output of satellites and telescopes on the orbit much easier. It has been studied the efficiency of photovoltaic panels generating electricity when illuminated by monochromatic emission in order to model the energy supply of the probe outside the atmosphere. Based on the results of the study, the method of autonomous probes power supply has been proposed. Autonomous probe architecture to influence the movement of debris with the help of laser momentum and the principles of probe system control has been developed.


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