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MetaLib - web service for organization and search for book information

autorzy: Artem Yadelskyi

Often when a person who likes to read paper books finishes reading another book becomes a problem of finding something interesting and new, because firstly, not all books are in one library, and secondly, even those that are not a fact that are available now, because someone can read them. This causes some inconvenience, it would be good if there was a centralized database of books and libraries, which could simplify the work of both librarians who use outdated forms and readers for easier interaction with the library. In recent years, the world is increasingly developing in the IT industry and Ukraine is one of the largest and most progressive countries in the world in this area, so thanks to the creation of such service, it could quickly become available in all libraries, which would improve their convenience and productivity. More people will be able to find the book they want to read. We can create a number of requirements for a website: it should be fast and intuitive for many users, create convenient methods for finding books, save reading history, leave reviews about books and one of the most important is a recommendation system that will make it much easier to choose books. The purpose of the project was to create a web service that will meet all the above requirements. It is also clear that it will be useful not only for readers, but also for library staff, who will be able to simplify their work with paper forms. People will be able to get a convenient and easy-to-use service, unlike those library sites that already exist. The main problem of such sites is the limited capabilities and very often inconvenient or incomprehensible interface, because they have not been serviced for a long time and haven’t updated the design, which is outdated for modern users. The goal was also to get a service that can work on any platform and have an adaptive design for phones with small screens, and with large as computers.




Special award of Fédération Françaises des Inventeurs France


Srebrny Medal

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