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Lens with variable optical characteristics

autorzy: Olha Borovyk

After analyzing the theoretical material associated with "liquid" lenses, we learned that you can create your own lens with variable optical power. Examples of such lenses are a drop of liquid, a liquid in a cylindrical vessel in which a parabolic bend is formed during rotation, the boundary of two immiscible liquids, and two elastic films between which is a liquid. We have chosen the last option for our work. In our work, we propose to create a lens that will consist of two transparent films, the space between which will be filled with glycerin, so we can form either a biconvex lens or a biconcave one. In order to change the lens to any other, we propose to establish a barrier between the submitted films, so by adding or pouring glycerin, we can change the type of lens. We experimentally determined the effect of the amount of liquid between the films on the optical power of the lens and derived a formula for experimentally finding the focal length of the lens.


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