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A Wearable Emotion Detector

autorzy: Guangzhou Panyu Polytechnic, Guangzhou, Guangdong 511483, China Ting-Cheng Chang, Min-Hao Wu, Ying Lin, Qin Wang

This product is designed as a wearable product for emotion perception, which can help people better understand their "self" by detecting stress, fatigue, and emotions based on the gender and age of the person being tested. Once a mood detector can detect emotions more accurately, it can be used as an assistant to help people get more visual data about their feelings in school, work, and healthcare. Emotion detection is suitable for understanding one's psychological state and helps to promote further innovation in other fields of application, such as education, medical treatment, caregiving, and business. This product is based on a wearable HRV heart rate sensor and an electroencephalography (EEG) sensor. This product aims to obtain the data changes of HRV and EEG by wearing the convenient device. Then, the algorithm of intelligent fusion analyzes and processes acquisition data. Which is different from the traditional heart or brainpower measurement, and can identify the emotion more accurately and give the user real-time and practical warning according to the emotion recognition result so that the user can work and study with maximum efficiency. This work has the advantages of easy to wear, low cost, instant and accurate classification, etc. It is an innovative work to solve the problem of emotion in wearable products.




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