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Toronto International Society of Innovation & Advanced Skills (TISIAS) was established in 2013 to build a global hub in Toronto, Canada to provide a variety of services and opportunities for both local and overseas inventors, innovators, students and researchers to promote their inventions and products in the world market. TISIAS is globally active as the delegation of Canada participating in numerous international invention exhibitions, competitions and conferences organized by its partners around the world. TISIAS majorly promotes its Canadian and American members’ inventions and products to world exhibitions and conferences as well as some other international members’ creative ideas. • Invite Canadian inventors and students to participate in overseas invention shows • Open business and commercial opportunities to help inventors promote their ideas • Build strong relationships with other countries’ invention associations, universities and innovation enterprises for active collaborations • Actively participate in international invention shows as the delegation of Canada • Recognize and reward talented inventors/innovators of all ages for their creativity • Organize the annual event “iCAN” in Toronto to provide all inventors with the opportunity to expand their business activities in Canada In summer of every year, TISIAS organizes its own international event: International Invention Innovation Competition in Canada (iCAN) in Toronto to host inventors and students from around the world to compete in the Canadian invention competition while also providing them with the opportunity to visit and experience Toronto and expand their global business network with the Canadian inventors and investors. iCAN is the premier event of Canada for worldwide inventors which features favorable programs: invention competition, educational keynotes and the iCAN Awards.


#2508 - 18 Spring Garden Avenue, North York, ON, Canada, Kanada


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