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The Union of Arab Academics-TUOAA

The Union Of Arab Academics (TUOAA) About us:- The Union of Arabian Academics (TUOAA) is an Arabian Research & Development Institution and Non-Government Organization. We`re based in Sana'a city Yemen on January 8,2018 , and we have wide Geography range and area of Responsibility that covered all the border of Political Geography of Arab Nation. TUOAA has a full membership of on the International Inventors Association, (IFIA) on 20 March 2018 in Geneva, Switzerland. Abbreviation :- TUOAA Affiliation : IFIA Formation :- January 8,2018. Address : - Headquarter , 40 St , Air Port Road , BanI- Al Hareth - Sana'a city , Yemen , Arabian nation. Founder :- Mohammed Ali Humran. language ; Arabic language is the official language of TUOAA.. The Composition: - TUOAA members is made up of Professors, Scientists, Researchers ، Inventors, and Academics from 22 States OF Yemen and Arab Nation . Vision: to unify projects and Scientifics researches and innovations in order to modernize and build modern Arab strategy . Objectives and Missions :- According to (The basic laws) Statue of TUOAA, we have many principles goals as fellow. 1- To communicate with professors, experts, Innovations , inventors , scientists and exchange ideas experiences in order to consolidate and improve performance in methodology and objectives in the field of scientific research. 2 - To develop a strategy that best serves the interests of the Arab youth. 3- To coordinate and communicate with professors, researchers and inventor centers to contribute to our work so we can innovate to best serve our region and youth. 4- To help and participated on protecting international human rights law , equality on living , the right of gaining education and progress a good Education , freedom according to Arabian culture . 5- Protecting the right of prosperity for researchers , academics , inventions , inventors and all kind of personal legal rights according to human right laws . 6- To make contract and corporation with International Organizations, Research centers , Universities and Unions around the World. 7- Communicate and exchange ideas in the modernization and unification of Arab Scientific Research. 7 - Contribute to projects and research, regional and external conferences, to exchange ideas with international centers and universities. 8- To contribute to the building and implementation of the modern Arab Strategy. 9- To work, cooperate and cement relations with the UN, Unions, International Organizations, Research centers, and Universities.’ Thank you so much President of TUOAA. Mr. Mohammed Ali Humran . 40 Street - Air Port Road , Bnai Alahreth , Sana'a city - Yemen Fhon , 0096777604965.whatsaap 00967773292655 website - Republic of Yemen Sana'a B.O.Box 13501 Maeen Post Office Sana'a University Mohammed Ali Ahmed Humran- 00967773292655


40, st, Air Port Road - Bani Al Hareth - Sana,a , Jemen


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