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Design to Product Innovation Group

Design to Product Innovation Group 1. Business description 1.1- Descriptive description • Vision: The vision of the Design to Product Innovation Group (DtoP) is to become a leading center in the field of business consulting, training of individual and technical skills, design, construction and support of ideas from dream to product, first in IRAN and then in the international arena. And be able to benefit from international support for the growth and development of ideas and the development of entrepreneurs. • Mission: Our mission is to provide a suitable platform for intellectual and even financial support for the owners of ideas, inventions, skills as well as entrepreneurship plans, with the help of expert and capable consultants, scientific and skillful elites, entrepreneurs and investors. Provide their business. 1.2- Description of target market and potential customers The target market of this group are individuals or groups that: • Seek to develop individual and technical skills in their personal, social and work life. • Look for creativity, innovation, idea generation and implementation of their ideas. • Looking to create a scientific and research resume and attend festivals and competitions. • Looking for entrepreneurship or starting their own business. • Either looking to solve problems or grow their business. And this complex with the presence of capable forces with a wide range of activities and concentrated in one place will provide a suitable platform to meet the needs of this group of people. One of the unique features of this collection is on the one hand the use of expert consultants who are entrepreneurs themselves and on the other hand close and effective relations with business owners, investors as well as related private and government agencies such as knowledge-based companies. . The target population of this group has no age limit, but due to the nature of the services, the majority of applicants for these services are young and middle-aged (16 to 45 years). The market goals of the DtoP are in the first step of Iran and then the international arena.


Mazandaran, Iran, Iran

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