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Eye-Tracker on smartphone

autorzy: Valentyna Leontyuk, Victor Lubianov

EYE-TRACKER ON SMARTPHONE To study the mechanisms of the brain and their pathologies, to identify the dynamics of psychophysiological states of man, currently effectively uses innovative technology of tracking (Eye-Tracking). The growing use of hardware tracking in experimental psychology inevitably increases the demand for specialized software for automatic registration of eye coordinates in dynamics. Modern gadgets (Android and iOS smartphones) with a high camera speed (120-240 frames per second) and a video camera resolution of at least 2K (2048x1080) are used to measure OMS (oculomotor system) responses - registration of eye position coordinates during movement. With the help of eye-tracking technology the process of non-parametric identification of the human eye-motor system "input-output" is realized. This uses a nonlinear dynamic model - the Volterra model, which takes into account the inertial and nonlinear properties of OMS in the form of multidimensional transition functions (multidimensional integral transformations of Volterra nuclei). To apply this method of OMS modeling in medical research at the stage of data collection, it is necessary to have special devices - a generator of test visual stimuli and Eye-Tracker (Eye-Tracker), which registers the relevant feedback (determines the coordinates of eye positions in motion). The purpose of this work is to develop tools for generating test visual stimulus on the computer monitor (Signal Manager) and to develop a mobile application on Android-smartphone, that tracks eye movement and determines the coordinates of the pupil in the frames of the resulting video sequence to identify OMS, based on Volterra's model and further use of identification results in diagnostic research, in neuroscience and cognitive psychology. Object of research: the process of identification of human OMS based on the nonlinear dynamic model of Volterra according to eye-tracking data using special test visual stimuli. Subject of research: algorithms and software for generating test visual stimuli on a computer monitor screen and support for eye-tracking technology on an Android smartphone. The Signal Manager application has been developed, which allows you to generate deterministic or random test visual stimuli of any configuration on a computer monitor screen for conducting I / O identification experiments with human OMS using innovative eye-tracking technology. Software has been developed to determine the coordinates of the pupil of the eye in video frames obtained during eye-tracking on an Android smartphone, which will identify OMS based on its nonlinear and inertial properties and use the obtained models in diagnostic studies in neuroscience and psychology. The use of developed instrumental algorithmic and hardware-software tools to support innovative technology of eye-tracking in diagnostic research in neuroscience and practical psychology can significantly increase the reliability of diagnoses and wide availability of research. Currently, the developed hardware and software tools for IT tracking are used by students of Odessa Specialized School № 117 in the framework of participation in the JAS (Odessa Territorial Branch) in the field of "Computer Science" (Scientific Circle "Programming Technologies") in research of cognitive processes of schoolchildren and students. eye-traking, smartphone, OMS (oculomotor system), e-Smart, Signal Manager




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