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Induction charging for urban transport

autorzy: Zlata Bicheva, Oleh Kozlenko, Viktor Havrilyuk.

The introduction of electric buses in the system of public transport can help solve the city's problems related to public transport.The prototype of the developed device and the technology of its use can be used for contactless charging of batteries in public electric transport. Hypothesis: The problem of recharging electric buses in the city can be solved by creating a charger, which will be based on magnetic resonance induction charging of its battery during the stop of unloading / loading passengers, provided the transfer coil in the ceiling of the bus stop and the reception on the roof of electric bus. This contactless technology allows you to maintain the degree of charging of the battery of the electric bus when performing its route in the city. This will reduce the size of the battery. As a result, the production of electric buses in general will become cheaper. To reduce the load on the city's grid during the day, use solar panels built into the roof of the bus stop. Placing the charger on the roof of the electric bus will eliminate electric shock and extend the life of this charging system in contrast to traditional ground-based contactless chargers for electric cars. A prototype of a device based on induction charging technology has been developed and it has been proposed how it should be used within the city's public transport infrastructure. Based on experimental data, its effectiveness has been confirmed.


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