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Prototype of an innovative contactless control panel "SafeGoUp"

autorzy: Oleksa Lopatynskyi

It is clear that the coronavirus pandemic is an emergency of international importance. Infection can occur both by airborne and contact-household route, through household items on which the pathogen came from the patient. In fact, we face risks every day since we can easily catch a virus after touching a contaminated surface and then our eyes, nose, or mouth. Even if you're wearing masks outside, washing your hands for 20 seconds constantly, and scrubbing your surfaces, the fact is, you could still catch the contagion. That's because some seemingly inconspicuous behaviors put you at risk, like opting for the elevator. Elevators are made up of stainless steel, and COVID-19 can live on metal surfaces for three days, according to research from the British National Institutes of Health. Additionally, according to research conducted by the University of Toronto in 2014, the number of bacteria present on an elevator button is 1.5 times higher than what's found on a public toilet seat (Colby Hall April 9, 2020). Understanding the dangers of infection through button touch I’ve developed a prototype of contactless elevator panel. Prototype of an innovative contactless control panel "SafeGoUp" - it’s panel, which thanks to the laser distance sensor both with NFC technology allows us to control the elevator without touching the buttons at the same way reduce the risk of covid-19 infection. The ability to operate the elevator without touching the buttons helps people to avoid transmitting the infections which can occur by contact-household route, through household items on which the pathogen came from the patient. Model consists of 2 parts. The first is a laser distance sensor, thanks to which we can after crossing the laser beam with our finger, determine the floor and close one of the relays. The second is the NFC board, which allows us to currently read the floor from the NFC keys when they are applied to it, and in the future will allow us to control the elevator using a smartphone mobile application. The algorithm is based on the dynamic use of a sample mean. In real time, we record distances from the position of the intersection of the laser beam in the area of the selected floor to the source of the beam. Calculate the sample mean. According to the obtained value we determine the probability of choosing the appropriate floor. The maximum probability corresponds to the correct choice. The target audience of the SafeGoUp device can be fest of all hospitals and also hotels, shopping malls or just people who want safety from disease. This flexibility in the customer base allows us not to be afraid to sit without customers. The only thing we have a problem with is the price, because it can not be too high if we still focus on ordinary people. Thanks to the structure of my mechanism we can sell it for ridiculous money .


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