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Air purification quality monitoring system in the learning environment

autorzy: Yehor Skrypnyk

The main problem we propose to solve using our project is to ensure high-quality systematic ventilation of our school's educational facilities in compliance with the "Sanitary Regulations for Secondary Education Institutions" and measures to combat the Covid-19 pandemic while controlling the adequacy of ventilation and preventing waste thermal energy and additional carbon dioxide emissions from the school building. We are considering the prospect of air quality monitoring and the creation of a system of control over the ventilation of premises during school hours in order to comply with sanitary norms and not waste heat energy. For this purpose, according to the project idea, air monitoring devices of Ukrainian production Air Home will be installed in school classrooms. This is a compact device for monitoring indoor air quality. Performs measurements once a minute and displays the indicators, and sends them to the software. The devices are equipped with a notification system that works via the Telegram messenger. In order for all participants in the educational process to receive data on the state of the air and reminders that you should start airing and finish it in time, we have created a Telegram bot. The project will develop students' skills of self-discipline and self-organization, which is of great educational and developmental importance for creativity, civic responsibility and adherence to the principles of sustainable development, as operators in the air quality monitoring system will be children who receive signals from devices and without constant reminders. teachers to self-organize a break from the classroom and a timely return after airing. Our project has signs of sustainability - after its implementation, the consumption of thermal energy by the school building will be reduced, and the improvement of sanitary conditions to maintain the health of all participants in the educational process is difficult to overestimate and it is invaluable.


Środowisko / Chemia / Biotechnologia / Nanotechnologia


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