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The initiative to preserve the environment from the effects of toxic cigarette butts:

autorzy: Momen Mustafa Ahmed

in the of the environment and the application of green energy, I currently live in Germany. # When we talk about cigarette butts, the filter gives a lot of carcinogens from entering the smoker's body, so why do we throw these toxins on the ground?! Each heel contains about 70 carcinogens! I hate doing research on launching the innovation of environmental models called "your waste in your pocket for the safety of the environment" and it is based on the collection of waste from cigarette butts that are thrown in the ground by placing it in its correct place in the cigarette case. When I arrived in Germany, six months after my settlement, I went out, put on gloves and took nylon bags and masks to collect cigarette butts with my friends in a small area of ​​no more than 2.5 square kilometres, and collected them in just one day and within an hour and a half of initiative time. The volume of cigarette butts was about 140 grams, and they contain more than 5,000 thousand cigarette butts that threaten our daily lives and our environment in general, in addition to polluting groundwater, The goal of the initiative is to launch and manufacture environmental models • Outlines our energy and environmental security strategy to make it cleaner and safer. Do you know !! That if you stack cigarette butts on top of each other in the 2.5 square kilometer area of ​​Munich, which are consumed in one day, you will reach the height of the Berlin TV tower in less than two and a half days

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