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Name of device U.V.SZM virus corona

autorzy: Nasser Mohammad Ahmed Saleh Alkawni

The device is related to Corona virus and works to purify and disinfect the air according to the distance of the room size in the height scale and the width and height to determine the cube of the air in it, to enable the transmission of ultraviolet Rays invisible inside the box that starts with a photochemical reaction that destroys the genetic information in the DNA, So the Germs lose their ability to reproduce and destroy surrounding viruses, bacteria and parasites in the air in the rooms Closed roofs, etc.; The device is installed in closed rooms in hospitals, the center and health clinics So that hospitals have enclosed rooms ready to receive sick cases infected with Coronavirus Covid 19 and preparing other equipped rooms are also equipped with air filtration and reception disinfection Isolated from the rooms where confirmed infected with the virus are present, in order to ensure that the infection is transmitted to others Infected

Środowisko / Chemia / Biotechnologia / Nanotechnologia


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