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Extraction of optical isomer (-)-gossypol from Vietnamese cottonseed and its applicability in the treatment of cancer

autorzy: 1. LE NGOC HAN, Class 12H1 Chem, Hanoi Amsterdam High School for the Gifted 2. PHAM TUAN VINH, Class 10A2 Chem, HUS High School for Gifted Students, University of Science,

In the present work, the content (±)-gossypol in seeds of some cotton varieties of G. hirsutum and G. barbadense species was investigated. The process of extracting and crystallizing (±)-gossypol in the form of (±)-gossypol acetic acid from cotton seeds has been successfully built. The process is simple, easy to carry out, has high economic efficiency, and full process efficiency reached 56%. Product purity reached 95%. The process was implemented at the scale of 10 kg cottonseed kernel/batch to prepare a total of 500 gr (±)-gossypol acetic acid. A procedure for the separation and purification of (-)-gossypol acetic acid from a mixture of (±)-gossypol acetic acid has been proposed on a laboratory scale (10 g/batch) for a product with a purity of up to 95%. The whole process efficiency reached 20%. This process is efficient and economical, so the product is price competitive compared to prices on the world market. Determined the chemical structure of intermediate products and (-)-gossypol acetic acid. Determined of purity of (±)-gossypol acetic acid, (-)-gossypol acetic acid all reached ≥95%, and the optical purity of (-)-gossypol acetic acid was ≥95%. Basic standards have been developed for (±)-gossypol acetic acid and (-)-gossypol acetic acid. Prepare 50 g (-)-gossypol acetic acid. The antitumor effect of (-)-gossypol acetic acid by MTT method was tested in vitro in 10 cancer cell species. Due to the raw materials used to prepare gossypol being common chemicals, it can be an inferior and popular product of the growing textile industry in Vietnam. On the other hand, cottonseed kernel powder after extraction of gossypol can be used as other products. This is also an advantage to reduce product costs and at the same time reduce the impact on the environment due to the impact of wastes in the textile industry. Keywords: cotton, gossypol, gossypol acetic, textile.



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