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Filament Glue for 3D Printers Industry (FDM)

autorzy: Hadi Erfani Hamed Erfani

Fortunately, this system lacks any technical structural problems and is designed to overcome the problems that have existed in the old adhesives. In older models, in addition to low quality due to the presence of strong chemicals, it can damage the respiratory system and also damage the environment due to its insolubility. In addition to being a simple structure, it is designed to be very precise with its plant base, it has the ability to recharge in the environment, it also does not damage the respiratory system and has high build quality. The system was designed to overcome problems and was designed and Implemented to improve quality, health and environmental protection. The design of this tool, due to the urgency of this process for the environment and the respiratory system, will provide a good market for this product at all 3d printers in the cities for use. It’s an Industrial application in chemical engineering as well as chemistry and related to it. The propose of this article is to maximize the use of this adhesive in addition to its many advantages in helping to protect the environment and the use of renewable materials and waste materials that can be used to produce high quality materials and to help the industry. My invention is about filament adhesive which is related to the environment. This invention is derived from adhesive waste materials, which instead of producing waste materials, I was able to convert it into glue and use adhesive materials for 3D printers themselves, whose quality is better and environmentally friendly, and can be considered an innovation in the environment. . It is also renewable and I am proud to have produced a material that meets the world standard in every way.​


Środowisko / Chemia / Biotechnologia / Nanotechnologia


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