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Your waste in your possession, for environmental safety

autorzy: Momen Mustafa Mohammed Ahmed.

The industrial environmental model for cigarette packs relates to adding a case behind the box with cigarette packets to throw out cigarette waste after I use it there is a small extinguisher hole to contain ash and cigarette filter and also other waste can be placed such as what is needed, to avoid pollution of the environment, sometimes people have to throw their waste on the ground As a result of the unavailability of the waste basket while they are in the main streets, parks, etc., the purpose of the extinguishing additive is to keep harmful waste from me until it is placed in its correct place, and this will be added to all cigarette packs to preserve the pollution of the environment. Model [B / 2] It is a plastic box that is added to the healthy drinking water tray and is placed at the bottom of the box in order to preserve the waste such as alfalfa and save liquids for people while on the road, such as streets, gardens, parks and other facilities. Mineral drinking water is added to all containers, as well as cardboard cups for drinking power, to facilitate the sale process as a way to prevent the waste from being thrown on the ground, and this gives an uncivilized image and reflects the culture of advanced peoples to developing peoples.


Środowisko / Chemia / Biotechnologia / Nanotechnologia


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