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Cement mixture in the form of a cement mortar for flooring

autorzy: Adrian Chajec, Łukasz Sadowski, Mateusz Moj

There are various agents that modify the performance of cement flooring. Currently, additives are used in the form of liquid emulsions, steel and synthetic fibers and powdered materials of stone origin. The unmodified flooring mortar is prepared in the form of a composition containing cement and quartz sand. After combining the above-mentioned ingredients, a ready-to-spread mixture is obtained on a properly sanded and contamination-free concrete base. After the mixture has hardened, the cement floor is covered with a foil in order to improve the maturation conditions of the mortar. A properly designed mixture composition should have the desired characteristics such as the right time of digging, consistency or bleeding. Bleeding is a process of removing water from the cement mix, commencing just after the mix has been put in place, and usually ending with the beginning of the mix setting time. The appropriate course of this process (by keeping the water inside the mixture and reducing its release) allows not only to obtain the appropriate durability of the mixture, but also to reduce cracks on its surface. Other types of flour are also used - such as limestone or basalt flour. The aim of the invention is to develop the composition of a cement floor mortar, which contains the developed modifier in the form of granite flour, thanks to which it is possible to obtain increased resistance to peeling off the floor layer, as well as to reduce the volume of water released due to the bleeding process. The above features are demonstrated by the composition of the composition according to the invention.




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