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Color-shape change label and expiration date of Food, Pharmaceutical and biological products

autorzy: Mohammadhossein Sharifnia

Nowadays, because of the advancement of mechanical food and drug manufacturing on huge scales, paying attention to the real expiration date with considering all influential aspects in different storage conditions has been less considered and because of it, many deaths and hospitalizations are linked directly to food and drug poising and contaminations which sustain a considerable job time losses and hospitalization extra costs. In this invention, an innovative chemical and biological intelligent label is designed to monitor a real expiration date in order to consider all effective factors from temperature and moisture content of the storage area on one side and the interaction of protecting chemicals, excipients, and packing materials with API in drug products or active ingredients in food products from the other side with the color and shape-changing mechanism in order to reduce hospitalization ratio along with cheating prevention.

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