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Intelligent Climate Control System for GreenHouses

autorzy: Zahra MohammadNejad, Mahdi Ahmadian

The invention discloses a kind of intelligent agriculture greenhouse, green walls, indoor green spaces, gardens, orchards, industrial greenhouses, hydroponic greenhouses control system, including can be with the temperature sensor of environmental information in sensing chamber, humidity sensor, soil moisture sensor, the temperature sensor, humidity sensor, the data message detected is sent to message processing module by soil moisture sensor, obtained data message is converted into text information and sent to subscriber's main station by described information processing module, obtained data message is converted into text information and sends to display and show over the display by described information processing module, described information processing module passes on instruction to control module according to obtained data message, the control module receives instruction and controls temperature-adjusting device according to command information, humidity control apparatus, air-cleaning unit, watering device works, the present invention is reasonable in design, it is simple to operate, being capable of Intelligentized regulating and controlling temperature indoor environment, subscriber's main station remotely can receive and transmit an order information to multiple greenhouses, improve the efficiency of management.

Środowisko / Chemia / Biotechnologia / Nanotechnologia


President of Polish Chamber of Ecology PIE


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