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Sleeping Pillow

autorzy: Anita Izadi, Erfan Alizadeh, Kosar Abedini Arani, Homayoun Havazadeh, Samyar Karbaschi- Dr. Mohammadshafiee’s Educational and Research Institute

Sleep has different waves that are produced one after another at different depths. There are people who have trouble sleeping. The desired sleep frequencies can be propagated exactly by the pillow of these people during sleep so that they also experience a relatively good sleep. When the human brain wakes up, it emits beta waves. The amplitude of these waves is weak and the frequency is between 17-15 cycles per second, and when closing the eyes and when the brain falls asleep, the alpha waves have a frequency between 8-13 cycles per second. By applying this frequency to the desired person, this pillow can bring sleep to him more easily. Vibes can make a real sleep for humans and we use the good vibes for good sleep.

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