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Real-Time Durability Destructive Monitoring System for Semiconductor Industry

autorzy: Sachinda Ekanayake ((Lecturer-Probationary, SLTC) (MSc., BSc. and BEng(Hons) Malsha Ruwanpathirana (BSc(Hons) in Engineering in Electronics & Telecommunication) Asintha Jayasekara (BSc(Hons) in Engineering in Electronics & Telecommunication)

Real-time durability destructive monitoring system for semiconductor industry” is a proposed model to test electronic components by performing high-speed constant acceleration under centrifugal force (G force). It will help to evaluate the reliability of sealed ICs and other electronic devices before releasing it to the market. The centrifuge mechanism was the main method used for testing electronic components. LabVIEW programming language is used to control the real-time automated operation and it helped to set the required rotate time, Duty cycle, Lid Lock/unlock, and start/stop options. Then it displays RPM level, Speed, and the G-Level while running the process. All the data is recorded using a database for future analysis.






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