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Automatic ozone generator disinfection equipment

autorzy: Yung-Wen Lee, Hsien-Wei Tseng, Ting-Cheng Chang, Chia-Wen Lee, Yinglin Zhong

This product is committed to indoor environment disinfection and sterilization, relying on the strong oxidation of ozone, using PEM low-pressure hydrolysis ozone production technology, and comparative selection of anode materials, optimization and improvement of the circuit, and Research on the cavity structure and materials. This product solves the current market ozone generator high voltage hidden trouble, circuit instability, low catalytic efficiency, cavity may produce toxic products and other industry pain points. This product is mainly divided into PEM electrolysis module, raspberry pie module and sensor module to achieve all-round non dead angle escape contact sterilization. The product adopts intelligent control system to automatically start the periodic disinfection mode 3 minutes after adding water, and automatically suspend the disinfection mode when there is someone. Using water as raw material, ozone (O3) is produced from the low voltage within 12V through the precision electric energy control board. The ozone water with ozone concentration of 1.5-1.85ppm is produced every minute, which is twice of the existing technology. According to the test of Guangzhou Institute of Microbiology, the sterilization rate of qingjunce is as high as 98.5%, which has ten advantages of safety, environmental protection, broad spectrum, fast, thorough, comprehensive, low cost, small installation difficulty, good antivirus effect and no side effects. At present, the team has 3 independent R & D patents, including 2 utility model patents and 1 software copyright.


Środowisko / Chemia / Biotechnologia / Nanotechnologia


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