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Movable Orthosis With the Ability to Prevent Foot Drop and Venous Thrombosis and Maintain Muscle Contraction

autorzy: Mohammadmasoud Mahmoudi, Fardin Rastegar, Pouyan Ghorbani, Amir Nourian, Parnia Talebi

Movable orthosis consists of (mechanical lock, body, dorsal pedal pulse check sensor, two-way pulse oximeter sensor, inflatable inner layer, outer layer, electrical message transmitting leads, orthosis insole, moving hinge, Interface between the inflatable inner layer with the air pump). By connecting the inner layer to a small mobile air pump through the air tube, the inner layer will be inflated and will put pressure on the muscles and venous valves. Following to that, it prevents venous stasis and failure of returning blood from feet to the upper limbs. By connecting electrical leads to the TENS machine, impulses will be transmitted to the muscles through the interface wires, which prevents atrophy and reduced leg muscles contraction. Also, by connecting the movable hinge to the screen through the interface wire, with contribution of the specially designed program for the movements of feet (number of movements, the degree of joint flexion, the interval between movements), through the movable hinge, it causes the feet to move and prevents foot drop and foot deformity. Furthermore, due to the placement of the heart rate sensor and pulse oximeter sensor, the number of dorsal pedal pulses and the amount of oxygen saturation of blood are measured. The purpose of designing this orthosis is to prevent foot drop, venous thrombosis and blood stasis, reduce of muscle contraction and atrophy, and monitor the pulse rate and oxygen saturation of the blood.


Zdrowie / Medycyna / Fitness


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